For more than 15 years now, KG-Systems has developed and successfully introduced various self-assembly systems onto the market. With the Easy-Fix concept, KG-Systems now presents a complete line of benchsystems and displaybenches for self-assembly. Systems with an even longer life and of further developed high quality. From its completely new factory with a completely automated assembly line, KG-Systems can produce the Easy-Fix products quickly and efficiently.
Combined with the self-assembly of the systems, either partially or completely, this will save you, as an entrepreneur, a lot of room to invest<<

Advantages of Easy-Fix:
- Extremely competitive prices
- Easy-Fix makes self-assembly very easy
- Can be easily expanded to a larger and more sophisticated system
- Major advantage in terms of transport costs upon export
- 100% support service

In the sphere of automation, KG Systems recommends that you do not attempt to install track motors, pushers, tilting frames, hauling tracks, et cetera, on your own. Based on our years of experience in projects of this kind, we will gladly contact you in order to come to an expert plan together with you that fits your budget. Visit www.kgsystems.nl for our complete automation programme.

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